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There are 3 main choices to make when ordering a frame from us:
1. The Frame
2. The Mount
3. The Glass
1. We stock hundreds of different frames for you to choose from.

We also specialise in hand finishing bare wood mouldings to create a unique and perfect match for your artwork.                                     




2. Mounts are used to protect your picture, preventing it from touching the glass, as well as enhancing the overall appearance of the framed picture. We use a top quality UK made mount board and have a selection of different designs and colours to choose from.



3. The last choice you have to make is the glazing.
Lighting alters the way we view pictures and direct sunlight can harm the picture (fading etc).
We offer a choice of glass from ordinary float (picture) glass to specialist anti reflective glass that is nearly invisible to the eye and cuts down the harmful effects of sunlight, protecting your picture for years to come. We have a full range of glazing options, including Acrylic (for children's bedrooms, for example) and can show you the most suitable option for your picture.

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