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Additional Services

Your printed image bonded onto Acrylic panel.
Panels can be supplied to most sizes, with 'posts' in each corner or with a subframe attached to the back, for hanging on the wall.
We also supply 6" x 4" free standing panels - 20mm thick - superb for a small picture to display on your desk.
Best results are obtained from normal photographic papers.
Canvas Stretching
Original paintings or digital prints stretched onto pine stretcher bars.
Either wrapped (white edging) or with the image rolled over onto edging.
Can then be framed in the traditional way, or for a contemporary look use a modern 'L' shaped frame, making your picture appear to float within the frame.
Images can also be block mounted onto a rigid board with with / black edging.
Your pictures need to be displayed to their best AND they need to blend into your decor. We can advise on ways to mount / glaze and frame your art to achieve the best results possible.
Dry Mounting and Laminating
Pictures tend to look their best when they are flat and smooth. Sometimes, due to age or the way the picture has been kept,  creases, dents and ripples can be seen on the surface. This can look unattractive. We can dry mount (bond onto a specialist board) pictures ensuring they stay flat and are unaffected by temperature changes etc. 
We have a number of laminating films that can protect your picture and enhance its look.
This process is not reversable and we would normally only consider this for digitally produced photographs and prints that can be easily reproduced.
Mount Cutting
 We can mount your prints ready for framing, either for an exhibition, transportation or other circumstance.
Mounts are usually 'double mounts' and pictures can be hinged or dry mounted.
 We frequently get requests to reglaze frames that have been dropped and have broken glass.
We will inspect the frame and advise on the most appropriate glazing option for you.
Pictures will get dropped and damaged and the frames need repairing so they can be displayed to their best again.
We will examine your picture and advise whether we can repair the damage economically, or whether a replacement frame would be a better option.