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Business Partners

DBS were established in 1986 and are chamber of commerce members as well as having received the coveted Investors In People Award.

DBS Telecoms supply phone numbers to business of all sizes throughout the UK and also internationally. The most popular types of numbers in the UK are:

·        0800 numbers

·        0845 numbers

·        Virtual phone numbers

 0800 numbers are perhaps the best known as calls to them are free if made form a standard BT landline.

 DBS 0845 numbers are popular as if they are pointed at a landline then it is free for the owner of the 0845 number to receive calls.

 Virtual phone numbers are also commonly referred to as local numbers or ghost numbers. Virtual numbers are available for 500 UK towns and cities.

All of DBS Telecoms numbers can be forwarded to either mobile devices or static landlines and come with a huge range of added value extra features. These features include call whisper  - this is handy as is lets DBS’s customers know when someone is dialling their 0800, 0845 or virtual number. A short message is played when you answer a call on your DBS numbersuch as “0800 number call” or even your company name. This lets you answer the call correctly rather than with just “hello.” Other features include call recording and time of day routing where your calls are programmed to follow you.