This pastel drawing has been framed with a double mount, the colours were chosen to enhance the important features of the picture. The frame is a simple wooden moulding, stained and waxed in our workshop.
The signed Chelsea shirt has a deep rebated black Ash frame. Spacers keep the shirt from touching the glass. The blue mount emphasises the depth of the frame and compliments the overall finish of the frame.
The shirt has been laced and stitched at the back ensuring no damage to the shirt. No glues or tapes are ever applied to the shirts or other fabrics we frame. All of the work we do is able to be undone without any noticeable damage to the shirt   
This detailed mount has been cut with stepped corners to draw the viewer into the picture.
Mounts can be cut to enhance the prominent features of the image. We can show you examples to choose from, or provide inspiration to create your own unique mount!



These Chinese paintings have been 'float' mounted to enhance the delicate paper used. The black border to the mount has been 'inlaid' into the mount to prevent it becoming too deep.